The mission

   The mission of 4World is to provide innovative but carefully tested solutions. We want to accompany our business partners in everyday business via the newest technology and design. For 13 years we have been working on the values ​​we appreciate in our daily work, with all suppliers, customers and employees.

   First and foremost, we care about the right relationship of very good quality to the encouraging price. Our goal is to respond to constantly forming and changing market trends. We want our products to release the potential and imagination of our users who are the center of our interest.

We are for you. We are for the world

Why 4Word?

   Brand has a great deal of experience in the industry and enjoys the trust of the receives. We are one of the more frequently chosen computer accessory suppliers, by both individuals and companies located in entire Europe. It is for them that we are constantly expanding our offer and choosing only those devices that will pass our tests first.


The vision
   Currently, the world is full up with technological innovations. Some have become almost necessary, others less. But do we need all of them? This question does not have a clear answer, because we have different characters. That's why 4World's vision is to balance the offer.

   We try to a hint, what is worth donate to yourself or your loved ones. We prefer to improve the power of existing devices and give them a new quality, rather than artificially create new needs. We also like to play with the design of our accessories to make fun of using them. And finally 4world is a Polish brand, buying our products You supports the local market.

Who we are?

   The bringing 4World to life was a response to the dynamic changes and development of electronics that took place in the late 1990s. The first computers were so intriguing, that the natural consequence was the need to create accessories and periphery customized to the Polish market.

   Modeling on the giants such as Microsoft, 4World commissioned for production the first mice, keyboards, GSM accessories, headset to computer and phones. The innovation for those times was the introduction of a range of products for the care and cleaning of computer equipment and consumer electronics. Inspiration for the name was the 4You clothing brand, whose name suggested it is for everyone.

   Thinking about a company that could carry the universality and aspirations of global reach, the concept “4World” came into begin. We are currently one of the largest providers of IT, data cable charging and transfer cables, as well as electronic gadgets.

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